SILICON VALLEY-The Hub of Stupid ideas

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The companies and startups in Silicon Valley are related by an undisputable factor-STUPIDITY.

From the high tech and innovation driven companies who constantly think of stupid ideas to the hotels and resturants in silicon valley who stupidly thought of doing something differently in Silicon Valley, they all point to one thing only- Silicon Valley is a hub for stupid ideas.

The ideas that are carried on and even those birth in Silicon Valley are ideas that once upon a time, were tagged STUPID IDEAS THAT LACKED FEASIBILITY.

The ideas that thrive there are ideas that were powerful enough to redefine an ordinary geographical location.


Over the years, my most basic definition of stupidity became Fredrick Smiths economic paper which turned into FedEx.

Then it transformed into the most basic ingredient on the resume` of anyone determined to be great-YOU JUST HAD TO BE STUPID ENOUGH TO IMAGINE PARADISE AT THE TOP OF THE BEAN STALK BEFORE YOU CAN CLIMB. OTHERWISE YOU JUST CUT IT DOWN WITHOUT EVEN TRYING.

Surely Elon Musk was stupid to think of commercializing electric cars and is stupid still to think of hyperloop.

Bill Gates was crazy to think windows could compete with the macintosh.

Stupid ideas are the hardest ideas to work on but they remain the most profitable. A stupid idea is a different idea. It may not give a breathtaking startup experience.

A stupid idea gives you want you need to stay relevant, disrupt a market or even create an entirely new market.
A stupid idea is not Eureka, it is hardwork and self development.

The only difference between stupid ideas in Silicon Valley like Apple Inc., AMD, Lockheed Martin, Hewlett Packard, Electronic Arts, Cisco, Goggle, Facebook, Netflix, Oracle, Tesla, Symantec, Adobe Systems, etc and the idea in your head, is that through hardwork and resilience, their founders REDEFINED STUPIDITY.

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